Version Released

It is with great pleasure we announce the release of v2.0.0.5 – UnPIZDEC’d.

—— but remains non-mandatory at this time ——

The release of marks an important stage in the new beginning of PZDC. No longer will we refer to this coin as PIZDEC. As a now community managed coin, it will be up to all of us to shape PZDC into what we’d like it to be. For us in the new management team, it’ll be getting a nice website up and running along with preparing the javascript libraries from BitPay allowing us to do a number of nifty things, but importantly it will allow for an insight explorer to come online!

What’s Next For the Wallet
We’re glad you asked. At this point, we are not considering any collateral or reward changes. Rewards will continue to decrease by 20% every 118080 blocks. The next decrease will be at block 236160 in which total rewards will fall from 440 to 352.

We have started some testing and design for a QT wallet overhaul to get rid of that “stock wallet” look and shift to something a bit more appealing to the eyes.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see happen with PZDC, feel free to leave a message in #suggestions on Discord.

Code Fixes
– This build fixes all previously known issues with masternode outputs showing blank
– Masternodes not starting and staying in a hot node state
– Distributed binaries not matching source code
– Wallets not properly tracking masternode counts

Build Process
– Introduced a proper Travis CI (automated testing environment) flow for releases
– Enforcing the use of Gitian building for ALL officially distributed binaries.
– (ongoing) Docs updated for the gitian building processes

– Old PIZDEC graphics have been swapped out in favor of new graphics and icons
– Various CSS fixes where made to the QT wallet

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