PZDC Community Takes Control

After the original PIZDEC development team vanished, a community led effort backed by Delwig & BoubonicNugz has continued in it’s place and is moving forward.  We’ve re-established the Discord, set up a new Twitter account, created a new sub-reddit and of course, forked the github repository.

So far, a new explorer has been launched, numerous changes to the wallet have been made: fixing the source code’s previously broken state, implementing automated travis testing, utilizing gitian builds for proper releases, beginnings to UI changes, a few various fixes with even more coming in the next release.

We have taken great care to not have to fork the blockchain or have to pursue the swapping of coins to a new blockchain and will continue to do so moving forward to the best of our abilities.  We’ve also stabilized the collateral for masternodes at 25,000 PZDC.  This will not be increasing.  We do however reserve the ability to decrease the collateral in the future as rewards decrease and the project progresses.

Come join us!  Help us develop the project and carve our path in the crypto space.

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