Community Update

I hope all is well.
What has been going on over the last week!

AIODEX – Please Vote: [currently at ~27]


-Bitcore JS Libraries
Looking into it, will post when update is available

-Current node count: 937

-New exchanges
Currently researching. Send suggestions to Tim
For a several reasons, exchanges with listing fees will not be covered. Feel free to contact Tim for specifics.

-Dev-er Dev-ment
PZDC has primarily been fueled by the work of Nugz, Delwig and TheCandian. Their efforts prove that the MN space has many more who embody what it means to be community driven. In the wake of this year’s MN pump/dump rally, Tim is reaching out to community members of these other projects to join to our own. Specifically those are individuals NOT on the core team and whom have support skills. If you have any leverage or rapport in these other communities please contact Tim regarding it.

-PZDCed, An educational platform
Something lacking in the space that our community could fill.

-Real world use cases
We are community driven and all suggestions are thoughtfully considered. Please post your suggestions in #suggestions on Discord and reach out if you have any concerns, Tim doesn’t mind being inundated with DMs.

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